Course curriculum

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    Chapter 1: Introduction to a Curious Mindset

    • Chapter 1, Lesson 1: What does curiosity look like?

    • Chapter 1, Lesson 2: Why curiosity is important?

    • Chapter 1, Lesson 3: Why curiosity is discouraged?

    • Chapter 1 Quiz

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    Chapter 2: Understanding Unconscious Bias

    • Chapter 2, Lesson 1: Understanding Unconscious Bias

    • Chapter 2, Lesson 2: What are the affects of unconscious bias?

    • Chapter 2, Lesson 3: How to apply curiosity to address unconscious bias?

    • Chapter 2 Quiz

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    Chapter 3: Growing Trust & Respect

    • Chapter 3, Lesson 1: What is the basis of trust and respect?

    • Chapter 3, Lesson 2: What erodes trust and respect in relationships?

    • Chapter 3, Lesson 3: How to apply curiosity to increase trust and respect?

    • Chapter 3 Quiz

  • 5

    Chapter 4: Developing Resiliency

    • Chapter 4, Lesson 1: What is a resilient mindset?

    • Chapter 4, Lesson 2: What prevents resiliency from thriving in teachers?

    • Chapter 4, Lesson 3: How to apply curiosity to resiliency?

    • Chapter 4 Quiz

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    Congratulations & Thank You!

    • Congratulations & Thank You!

    • Course Evaluation

    • Attestation of Academic Integrity

Certification Information

This course fulfills the requirements for certification hours for the listed certification bodies. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion containing the pertinent information for your records.

  • New York CTLE: 2 Hours

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Robin Barone

Robin Barone is an educator, writer, and traveler who has visited over 60 countries and lived abroad. Robin serves as an adjunct instructor at NYU and has authored successful white papers. Prior to founding Diplomat Books, Ms. Barone worked in finance where she was known for her ability to formulate win-win solutions. Ms. Barone earned a B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania, a M.S. from NYU, and M.B.A. from INSEAD. Her leadership style is described as curious, collaborative, and considerate. When she is not writing or traveling, she can be found skiing, rowing, or playing tennis.

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